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About Us


Maintaining your energy advantage

Rolls-Royce is undoubtedly one of the most famous and respected names in global engineering. This proud reputation has been built upon many factors, but we believe that two fundamental strengths differentiate us from our contemporaries. Namely, the outstanding quality of our advanced power systems and our dedicated approach to customer service.

In today’s evolving and expectant energy market our gas turbine based packages offer distinct advantages to the power generation and oil and gas industries. This competitive advantage is maintained by an innovative and diverse suite of service solutions tailored to customer specific needs.

Serving power generation and the oil and gas industry

From the moment you become a valued Rolls-Royce customer, you enter into an ongoing relationship that is totally focused on maximising your profitability and unit availability. In the ever-more deregulated power generation sector, enormous penalties can occur from failure to generate. In the oil and gas sector, entire transmission networks can be compromised by compressor station outages. With Rolls-Royce as your service provider, these occurrences are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Product range - Gas turbines and reciprocating engines
5015,500-7,4000 bhp
3.950-6,400 kWe

Onshore and offshore oil and gas,
Mechanical drive, Power generation

Avon20,360 bhp
14,580 kWe
Onshore and offshore oil and gas
Mechanical drive
RB21134,900-44,500 bhp
25,200-32,000 kWe
Onshore and offshore oil and gas,
Mechanical drive, Power generation
Trent70,418 bhp
58,000 kWe
Power generation
Oil and gas
Bergen B gas2,220-3,600 kWePower generation
Bergen C gas4,920-8,500 kWePower generation
Allen 5000 5,940-8,240 kWePower generation
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